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From getting your new puppy off to a great start to coping with a dog who struggles with fear, separation anxiety, or reactivity, Dee has a program that will help. Your puppy will adapt to his or her new life happily and easily. Barking, lunging, nipping, door or gate dashing, and leash pulling will become a thing of the past, replaced with the relationship you’ve always wanted with your dog.





I cannot say enough good things about Dee! She has been an incredible asset for myself and my boyfriend as we dealt with the challenges of a new puppy. Dee makes herself incredibly available and offers support for all aspects of training and puppy raising.

Dee is incredibly knowledgeable, and fully cares about the puppy’s wellbeing. She worked with us on house training, as well as leash-walking, obedience, and general health. Dee has been around for us when our puppy wasn’t feeling well, and brought us SO much pease of mind that we were doing the right thing.

Having a dog for the first time is incredibly challenging. I truly don’t know how we would’ve gotten through the first hard weeks without her. Additionally, our puppy went to play school since we first got her. It has been incredible foor her socialization with puppies and dogs.

During play school, Dee reenforced house training, crate training, and all other behaviors we are working on with our pup. Because of this, training went SO much faster and we were able to spend more time enjoying our little baby!

I’m so happy we worked with Dee, for our sake and our dog’s.

I trust Dee more than any other person in the world to give me her honest opinion regarding the safety and wellbeing of my dog. When I get Dee’s advice on an issue, I know I am getting an incredible perspective that will enhance my relationship with my dog.

Natasha L.


Dee has been a real life changer for my family. My wife and I adopted an adult German shepherd mis about a year ago, and were shocked when he started displaying aggressive behavior toward other dogs and people after a few months of being home with us. It got so bad that we could hardly walk him without him lunging at a passerby or trying to attack another dog. He even bit me on one occasion when I tried to get between him and another dog.

When we found Dee, we were exhausted from training classes and other “behavioral” dog trainers that had tried in vain to use treats to get him to stop his aggressive behavior. Dee was completely different. She was warm and a good listener, and we could immediately see our dog respond well to her, when she walked into our home.

We were skeptical about signing up for a training program because we didn’t have a lot of money, but after doing a little research we found Dee’s prices are actually quite reasonable, compared to other trainers. We got together the money and it was the best decision we have ever made.

The first thing Dee did was teach us how to teach our dog to walk on a loose-leash. It only took 2 weeks for our dog to learn! With some practice, we were able to loose-leash walk our dog everywhere, which decreased his reactivity almost instantly.

Dee also guided us as we set up our house to make our dog feel safe. Little changes in howe we feed him and where we placed. His bed made a huge difference in his behavior.

The final step of the process was desensitization and counter-condition our dog to the presences of people and dogs, while he’s on-leash, which is going GREAT! The other day our dog laid down quietly in a park while other dogs, people on bicycles and loud cars passed right by him! If you told us 5 months ago we would be able to do this, I wouldn’t have believed it! Dee has changed our lives. It was well worth every.

Kristie S.


I’m a professional pet sitter. Recently, I was having trouble with a client’s very big 11 month old Basset hound who would bite me several times a day. I thought this would be the end my working for them.

Thankfully, I reached out to Dee Green, before making that decision. I can’t tell you what a lifesaver she was! She explained to me what was going on with him and what to do to fix it. In just a couple days of following her instructions, I ended up with a whole new dog!! I was able to play with him and cuddle with him. Every now and then he’d revert a little, but I knew how to fix it and we’re friends again.

I told my client what a difference. After she got home she couldn’t believe what a changed dog he was.

I want to thank Dee for saving my relationship with not only the dog, but the client, too.

Sandly L.


I have the world’s most stubborn and anxious Shih Tzu. Bless his soul and he’s cute as a button, but my gf and I (he’s our first pup) were struggling with the most mundane tasks. Walking was nearly impossible. Reactivity was off the charts. It’s hard for me to say, but our dog wasn’t happy.

Dee has revamped our relationship with our dog. It feels like the line of communication is now open and we’re all better for it. What used to be impossible is not enjoyable, including walks!

Dee has immense respect for dogs and it shows.

I was skeptical at first on training over Zoom, but if you listen to Dee (and send her lots of videos of your practice) you’ll get lasting results.

Like any world—class coach, Dee does not hold back on constructive criticism. If you’re looking for a “yes man” dog trainer, Dee ain’t for you.

If you’re looking to become more knowledgeable and improve your relationship with your dog, Dee is the best.

We’ve learned so much about our little guy and what works for him. Thank you, Dee. Thank you.

Max O.


My wife and I were looking for a reputable trainer to help our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel deal with his leash aggression and separation anxiety.

We had a bad experience with a previous trainer that took an overly aggressive approach to dealing with our dog’s problems. Dee was referred to us and we found her approach to be very refreshing. Instead of training our dog in a way that felt like punishing him, Dee taught us to deal with his issues through positive engagement and reinforcement.

Our dog’s leash aggression improved immediately after we implemented Dee’s recommendations. By the time we were done with our sessions, our dog’s separation anxiety was almost completely cured. On tope of that, she was extremely courteous and followed up with us on a regular basis, to keep track of his improvements.

I would highly recommend Dee to anyone looking for dog behavior modification training, in the West LA area.

Sam K.



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